Health in the work place

Due to the Coronavirus sweeping the country and all aspects of normally daily life we have taken the following actions and measures.
  • Reduce face to face contact were possible. (We often never meet our clients directly due to work so this is now being up scaled when possible)
  • When we attend sites/home/business we are keeping as much distance as is possible and staying for the shortest time possible.
  • We will no longer be shaking hands or moving, adjusting personal items in the way of work area’s.
  • We are having all works that can be done remotely completed in this way.
  • Photo, video, via email and sms is asked for and follow ups in this manor also. (We understand that this may take longer or create more work in some circumstances and create delays. But please bear with us as these times are unprecedented and have not been seen in our life times)
  • Mask and gloves are our desirable items that we are unable to attain more of at the moment. We are rationing what we have for works only at this time.
  • There are massive delays for some standard PPE and this is why we are reducing face to face time with clients and saving masks and gloves ect for works.
  • Lastly be kind to each other as most people and businesses are really going to struggle in these times.
Thank you from the KPS team.